Examples of solutions and utilization of safyID products

SAFY 2 Kindergarten Information and Safety System.  www.mojesafy.cz

We have designed a completely new solution tailored to the needs of kindergartens. You will reach all-day closing of the entrance door to the kindergarten, without the children being disturbed in the classrooms and the teachers away from common activities and games. Very important is the management of the entire system, which can classify all the access of authorized persons to individual children and children to classes. When a child is removed from the SAFY control unit, all assigned accesses are automatically blocked. Very easy to keep up-to-date and get control and overview of the entry mode to your kindergarten. The SAFY system is a security entry system that has the nature of so-called alternative input, which is and is required by the control authorities to have access to the building with different options and solutions. The primary approach (key) is a chip, and a fingerprint template can be used secondarily. Many parents have already encountered this unique identification with their own finger, use it at work and so this very convenient and reliable way of access can be used. The system also works with time zones that only open the door at a specified time.

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