Unique solution for secure identification using passport or ID card.

The customer or visitor identifies himself / herself at the terminal or kiosk by means of a passport or identity card. After reading the data from the document, the system performs a secure verification of the person using a 3D #Face recognition camera including #Liveness detection. For multi-factor authentication, the kiosk or terminal can be fitted with a #fingerprint reader and this can be deployed as an additional fingerprint verification element. the imprint stored in the documents.

Main function:

  • 3D Face recognition
  • Liveness detection
  • Fingerprint authentication
  • RFID / NFC identification

Where to use it?

  • Hotels – self check-in
  • Post office – secure customer identification
  • Municipal offices – secure self service kiosks
  • Banks – KYC secure customer identification
  • Government buildings – secure access control