Winpad 9″ 3D Face recognition



WINPAD 9′′  windows 3D face recognition biometric terminal is characterized by its high reliability, easy of installation and use. Especially thanks to the passive cooling, this provides a noiseless operation. WINPAD can be installed in almost all environments. The control is realized by a touch screen where the operation is very easy and user- friendly. Thanks to the Windows 10 IoT / Android operating system, many applications can be run on WINPAD.

Features and Benefits

• Possibility to connect the EM Marine, HID, MIFARE card reader

• Easy handling and installation of WINPAD

• Power supply via adapter – 12V

• Touch capacitive display

• Optional internal connection option controller 2x RS485, 2x relay, 2x door sensor, 2x button

• Optional 8x capacitive button support (Custom button customization)

Technical Specifications

• 8.9 ” capacitive touch screen display

• CPU quad-core, 1.4GHz

• Windows 10 IoT/Android

• Passive cooling

• Resolution 1920 * 1200

• 2GB DDR3L memory

• 32GB hard drive

• Interface: 1x Micro SD, 1x USB 2.0, 1x HDMI, 1x RJ45

• WiFi 802.11 B/G/N

• Protection IP 30

• External power supply(12V 3A)


Fingerprint sensor

EM Marine card reader (optional Mifare/Desfire or multi-format TWN4-P reader)

Capacity buttons 8x

USBRM controller (2x RS485, 2x relay –connection lock, 2x door exit button, 2x door sensor)

USBRM2-S controller (1x relay – lock connection,2x door exit button, 2x door sensor)

2D/3D camera



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