Are you a developer or technology integrator?

Our terminals are ready for your development.

You can choose which way to go.

1.EDK(Embedded Development Kit)   2.Developer API(Custom firmware)
You can choose whether you want a terminal with Windows 10 IoT (LTSB), Linux UBUNTU or Android. We will then provide you with a SDK for each terminal’s peripherals and you can start developing. For Windows 10 we can provide a demo application including source code, which includes complete control of internal devices (card readers, fingerprint readers, controllers, relays) terminals.

Complete EDK documentation is available here:

On the Windows 10 platform, we can provide you with a complete rest API interface, including complete firmware. Demo applications and firmware include most of the functions used for the time attendance terminal.

Complete API documentation is available here:

Demo applications are available for download here:


Do not hesitate to contact our developers : or phone +420 572 411 914